About FinishProbation

My name is Jules, and my first experience with probation was when I was eighteen. My best friend's life was turned upside down by his marijuana possession charge. This charge would not have been as severe in today's times, but the punishment ruined his educational future and his emotional stability. He felt that he was trapped in a disorganized cycle and it was hard for him to see the end.

This would later drive me on a mission to code FinishProbation for offenders like my buddy who was overwhelmed by probation. To organize the chaos that probation brings. And this is done by reducing the fear of missing a drug test with notifications, seeing the days left to finish probation and spreading the word on how to get early termination.

Here is what is wrong with the current system...

#1 It's wrong that once people are in the system, they get stuck in the system.

#2 It's wrong that 1 out of 59 Americans are under some form of community supervision.

#3 It's wrong that the emotional anxiety of probation puts you in a constant state of fear.

I believe the FinishProbation app will lower the amount of people on probation and help anyone visualize their finish line.

- Jules

Here is a list of absolute CHAMPIONS that helped me get this app off the ground.

Tom Newman
Staff Software Engineering Consultant
Tom helped create an infrastructure using terraform and AWS. Because of him, FinishProbation has the ability to quickly scale as fast as we grow. On top of that, he created a CICD process that allows for quick iterative software engineering development. He is truly an amazing engineer that wants the best for your product.