We lower probation revocation for Probation Departments.

Over 214,714 probationers failed to complete their probation sentence in 2020. This represents 15% of the total amount of exiting probationers. (source)

Our mission is simple, we want to reduce probation violations.

FinishProbation is...

  • - Free for probation departments
  • - Does not require training for a probation officer
FinishProbation is designed to help probationers after they leave your office. Our app keeps them informed and on the right track, so you don't have to.

See the end date to probation on this app

How We Prevent Probation Violations

Far too often are probationers confronted with a fear to take action on completing their probation sentence. When we polled our users about their probation-related stressors, we found "anxiety" to be the most frequent response. FinishProbation gives probationers the toolkit they need to take the reigns and tackle their term. FinishProbation keeps them on track, informed, and positive. Our goal is to incentivize action through the FinishProbation app.

  • Their probation requirements are in their pocket. With this, they become experts on their own responsibilities. The information they initially called you for is now with them 24/7.
  • Probationers document what they have completed and see their probation requirements numbers lower.
  • Notifies probationers when action is needed such as a drug test, weekly community service quota or payment.

"I have severe anxiety and PTSD and these notifications ease my soul."

- FL Probationer

"Probation has bound me to my house, but this given me some freedom."

- FL Probationer

How We Partner With Probation Departments

We understand that each probation department has different regulations and needs. You have the opportunity to share the app with your probationers at no cost. For more special requests, FinishProbation offers probation departments to request dedicated features help to lower their probation violations.

For example, one of the most common excuses for violation is due to a probationer's inability to travel to the probation office. With a partnership, we could build a feature that organizes uber rides to the probation office at a specific time frame. Now probationers can't use lack of travel as an excuse.

What's the most common excuse you hear at your department?
Please note that we are only offering this partnership to a maximum of three departments at a time.

FinishProbation with uber

How can we help you?

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