The Probation Drug Testing Guide for Mini Cassia Weinhoff Drug Testing

Have you ever wondered how often you will be required to take a drug test on probation?

We recorded the drug testing colors each day at Mini Cassia Weinhoff Drug Testing. Below you will understand the most/least common days of the week each color was called, the average resting periods between testing days and all the occurrences the color was called two days in a row.

Disclaimer: Before reading anymore, please note that these drug test results are taken to understand how a testing location such as Mini Cassia Weinhoff Drug Testing has done their random drug testing in the past. We do not advertise this information to game their system. We do not condone in helping anyone who is trying to beat the system. There is a high chance that you could violate your probation sentence if you try to do this because probation drug testing location change their drug testing routine frequently. The consequences of violating your probation sentence could lead you to switching to a testing color that’s more random and tests more frequently. Our goal is to help people understand what probation drug testing can consist of. To all the people who are already doing this with pen and paper, we save you the time.

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These results only show a maximum of the last 90 days of testing results, if you wanted a wider range of dates, you can purchase all of our data after creating an account on our ”Buy Past Test Results” page.

The testing locations for Mini Cassia Weinhoff Drug Testing

All of the testing colors for Mini Cassia Weinhoff Drug Testing

Aqua: A - L

Aqua: M - Z

Black: A - L

Black: M - Z


Brown: A - L

Brown: M - Z


Green: A - L

Green: M - Z

Number 1159

Number 1169

Number 1171

Number 1195

Number 1196

Number 1209

Number 1293

Number 130

Number 2001

Number 2003

Number 2012

Number 2016

Number 2024

Number 294

Number 297

Number 3001

Number 3004

Number 3007

Number 357

Number 376

Number 381

Number 382

Number 384

Number 390

Number 395

Orange: A - L

Orange: M - Z

Phase 1

Phase 2

Phase 3

Phase 4

Pink: A - L

Pink: M - Z

Purple: A - L

Purple: M - Z

Red: A - L

Red: M - Z




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