Drug testing at Broward County Probation Fort Lauderdale FL

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Our services indicate that you are required to test at Broward County Probation. Tap notification to verify test location information.

Important Note:

Testing colors were never announced at 8:30 am. Either continue calling in or contact your probation officer.

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You have reached abroad, sheriffs office probation, division, drug and alcohol testing. My if your caller ID call in you're using a famous check facility, please go on to the sign up. She's website and schedule an appointment. Attention our testers. Stroke testing will be closed Thursday, November 24th, and Friday, November 25th. The colors for Monday, November 28th will be announced monday morning at 8 30 AM. So please call the drug testing line monday morning at 8 30 AM for the colors for November 28th. Thank you. Goodbye and thank you for calling.

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