Drug testing at Gerald R. Hinzman Center in Linn County, Cedar Rapids IA

Previously, there were 10 drug testing numbers required to test at Gerald R. Hinzman Center. The numbers were Number 09689, Number 7756103, Number 6655081, Number 6703 and 6 other numbers. There are a total of 496 probation test numbers at Gerald R. Hinzman Center. Below we calculated the numbers history of each of these testing numbers over the last 90 days.

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10 test numbers are required to test for 09/29/2023

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9/29/2023, 10:33:33 AM
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Gerald R. Hinzman Center latest test numbers
Test GroupDate
Number 0968909/29/2023
Number 775610309/29/2023
Number 665508109/29/2023
Number 670309/29/2023
Number 46562009/29/2023
Number 639973109/29/2023
Number 882609/29/2023
Number 706195109/29/2023
Number 529372309/29/2023
Number 311415309/29/2023

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Hello, you've reached the federal you. A mailbox today is Friday, September 29th. The following numbers need to report for your analysis between the hours of 9 AM and 9 PM. Today. Any medications you're taking must be brought with you at the time we drop along with a photo ID. The home confinement numbers are number 09689. The federal probation numbers are number 775-6103, number 665-5081, number 6703, number 465620. Number 639-9731, number 8826, number 706-1951, number 529-3723, number 311-4153. Thank you. Goodbye.

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