Drug testing at Gerald R. Hinzman Center in Linn County, Cedar Rapids IA

Previously, there were 17 drug testing numbers required to test at Gerald R. Hinzman Center. The numbers were Number 09333, Number 11744, Number 06138, Number 389945 and 13 other numbers. There are a total of 412 probation test numbers at Gerald R. Hinzman Center. Below we calculated the numbers history of each of these testing numbers over the last 90 days.

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17 test numbers are required to test for 03/20/2023

We gathered this data on
3/20/2023, 10:04:21 AM
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Gerald R. Hinzman Center latest test numbers
Test GroupDate
Number 0933303/20/2023
Number 1174403/20/2023
Number 0613803/20/2023
Number 38994503/20/2023
Number 105700103/20/2023
Number 116119103/20/2023
Number 443603/20/2023
Number 35836803/20/2023
Number 520703/20/2023
Number 124385103/20/2023
Number 645899203/20/2023
Number 803403/20/2023
Number 595707303/20/2023
Number 352238303/20/2023
Number 395798303/20/2023
Number 636803/20/2023
Number 659886103/20/2023

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Hello, you have reached the federal you. A mailbox. Today is Monday. March 20th. The following numbers need to report for your analysis between the hours of 9 AM and 9 PM. Today. Any medications you are taking must be brought with you at the time you dropped along with a photo ID. The home confinement numbers are 093331174406138. The federal probation numbers are 3899451057001. 116119144363583685207. 1243851645899280345957073352238339579836368659861 thank you. Goodbye.

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