Drug testing at Sixth District Gerald R Hinzman Center in Linn County, Cedar Rapids IA

Today, there are 12 drug testing colors required to test at Sixth District Gerald R Hinzman Center. The colors are Number 72202, Number 54392, Number 14805, Number 19388 and 8 other colors. There are a total of 601 probation test colors at Sixth District Gerald R Hinzman Center. Below we calculated the colors history of each of these testing colors over the last 90 days.

12 test colors are required to test on 05/19/2024

We gathered this data on
5/19/2024, 10:03:25 AM
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Sixth District Gerald R Hinzman Center latest test colors
Test GroupDate
Number 7220205/19/2024
Number 5439205/19/2024
Number 1480505/19/2024
Number 1938805/19/2024
Number 0613805/19/2024
Number 191391205/19/2024
Number 512204305/19/2024
Number 1063605/19/2024
Number 116119105/19/2024
Number 621714105/19/2024
Number 1053905/19/2024
Number 324605/19/2024

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Hello, you've reached the federal you. I mailbox today is Sunday may 19th. The following numbers need to report for your analysis between the hours of 9 AM and 9 PM. Today. Any medications you're taking must be brought with you at the time you dropped along with a photo ID. The home confinement numbers are number 72202, number 54392, number 14805. Number 19388. Number 06138. The federal probation numbers are number 191-3912, number 512-2043, number 10636. Number 116-1191 number 621-7141 number 10539. Number 3246. Thank you. Goodbye.

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