Drug testing at Dupage County Wheaton IL

Previously, there were 5 drug testing colors required to test at Dupage County. The colors were Blue, Cherry, Pink, Purple and Number 9. There are a total of 37 probation test colors at Dupage County. Below we calculated the colors history of each of these testing colors over the last 90 days.

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5 test colors are required to test for 12/09/2022

We gathered this data on
12/9/2022, 10:35:49 AM
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Dupage County latest test colors
Test GroupDate
Number 912/09/2022

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You have reached the drug screen hotline of to peach. County probation. Today is Friday, december 9th, 2022. If your color or numbers called and you failed to pass today, you will not be permitted to pass on another day unless your probation officer approves. The lab will be open today during the following hours. From 7 AM to 4 30 PM, the following colors and number are required to pass today. Blue, blue, cherry, terry, pink, pink, and purple, purple. Today's number is 99. Please arrive 15 minutes before the closing time to assure you get tested today. And remember, children are not allowed in a drug testing area. Have a great thing. The 2nd many follow call. I mean, Yeah. They've already gone to the page or you know, wherever they be, they don't have to call out on them. Or somehow, you know, the NFL luck, there are no set up any data set up there on the middle. Kim said, think I left a few on this or the other 430 and 1130 or if that I we, I don't do it until the until I do that the last day that montana was throwing me there. Then I will see you in piccolo tomorrow. Have found out as soon as soon as they saw rosa rosa, even more idle, more out of them. A new model though, you knew every more, every software that came to me and they said, I would either say what I what I say you were looking to meet the new server over.

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