Drug testing at Dupage County Wheaton IL

Today, there are 5 drug testing colors required to test at Dupage County. The colors are Blue, Gray, Purple, Yellow and Number 7. There are a total of 39 probation test colors at Dupage County. Below we calculated the colors history of each of these testing colors over the last 90 days.

5 test colors are required to test on 06/21/2024

We gathered this data on
6/21/2024, 9:34:59 AM
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Dupage County latest test colors
Test GroupDate
Number 706/21/2024

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You have reached the drug screen hotline of 2 Peach. County probation. Today is Friday, june 21st 2024. If your caller number is called and you failed to test today, you will not be permitted to test on another day unless your probation officer approves. The lab will be open today during the following hours. From 7 AM to 4 PM, the following colors. The number are required to test today. Blue, blue, gray, gray, purple, purple, and yellow yellow. Today's number is 77, please arrive 15 minutes before the closing time to ensure you get tested today. And remember, children are not allowed in a drug testing area. Have a great thing with the document to go. When I li, i think that that if there was a little over there, not the on the page or you, you hadn't been doing all the corneal. They told me to bring the car from Colorado, know some of them you know, me and asked, and I figure out we know phillip intermediate, i filled out the vinyl traffic terminal killed that the rescue on this. Okay. See, I left the record in the if that are here, don't or do it and they see and build. I do that the see if the Apple core throw that up our little see in dakota, you know, middle had finally got a little after after we're on. I sewage sewage b, grease model model, ea mighty jones, mighty jones in a little bit earlier. See a thing, see a thing forward is that I can send, you know, go on to fill our other sierra out of food i just so they can support after left and went with you real quick and also to meet the new and the 3rd one and all the good thing on Monday I.

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