Drug testing at Dupage County Wheaton IL

Today, there are 3 drug testing colors required to test at Dupage County. The colors are Blue, Cherry and Number 1. There are a total of 39 probation test colors at Dupage County. Below we calculated the colors history of each of these testing colors over the last 90 days.

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3 test colors are required to test for 06/02/2023

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6/2/2023, 9:37:28 AM
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Dupage County latest test colors
Test GroupDate
Number 106/02/2023

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You have reached the drug screen hotline of to peach. County probation. Today is Friday, june, 2nd 2023. If your caller number is called and you failed to test today, you will not be permitted to pass on another day unless your probation officer approved. So that will be open today during the following hours. From 7 AM to 4 30 PM, the following colors. The number are required to test today. Blue, blue, and cherry, cherry. Today's number is 11. Please arrive 15 minutes before the closing time to assure you get tested today. And remember, children are not allowed in the drug testing area. Have a great day or does supplement and follow up on any I did at that. If there was a go around the page, or you via ne, the day corneal, they told me to bring teacher physical, colorado north tomorrow. You said no. Vienna said that they went or no set up there to meet us. I left there, ronald thrash. I turned in mental co said thing I for working on this will be seller for 130 or the 30th if that are the adult or adult on tennessee and throat. I do that, that last year at the yanna estella quad 3 media that are starting low cdn decor loader. He normally don't have panels to go have filled out their route one. As soon as I saw him, he said, if you say that in the middle of a lawyer, no, no trouble or later out of keynes domino. So I'm that, that I would either see other products or who do I just start making support. I started out there weren't we, you look, we're looking also to meet the new kind of idea to say by say that or get things on wendy or.

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