Drug testing at DNA Drug and Alcohol Testing Center in Livingston County, Howell MI

Today, there are 12 drug testing colors required to test at DNA Drug and Alcohol Testing Center. The colors are Lavender, Ruby, Peach, Purple and 8 other colors. There are a total of 71 probation test colors at DNA Drug and Alcohol Testing Center. Below we calculated the colors history of each of these testing colors over the last 90 days.

12 test colors are required to test on 07/15/2024

We gathered this data on
7/15/2024, 9:02:39 AM
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DNA Drug and Alcohol Testing Center latest test colors
Test GroupDate
Lavender Juvenile Courts07/15/2024

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Welcome to dna. You today is Monday, July 15th band, t enable. Please report to the following colors, lavender, ruby, peak, purple, opal, red, 10, black main go. Diamond may be in love with your juvenile court. One second wrap in durn, rookie, p. Purple, all paul, red. And black may go may be diamond in lavender. Juvenile court were open today, 7 to 7. Thank you. Goodbye.

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