Drug testing at DNA Drug and Alcohol Testing Center in Wayne County, Woodhaven MI

Today, there are 15 drug testing colors required to test at DNA Drug and Alcohol Testing Center. The colors are Woodhaven Emerald, Woodhaven Red, Woodhaven Yellow, Flint Courts Scarlet and 11 other colors. There are a total of 72 probation test colors at DNA Drug and Alcohol Testing Center. Below we calculated the colors history of each of these testing colors over the last 90 days.

15 test colors are required to test on 05/19/2024

We gathered this data on
5/19/2024, 9:03:06 AM
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DNA Drug and Alcohol Testing Center latest test colors
Test GroupDate
Woodhaven Emerald05/19/2024
Woodhaven Red05/19/2024
Woodhaven Yellow05/19/2024
Flint Courts Scarlet05/19/2024
Flint Drug Courts Green05/19/2024
Flint Drug Courts Gray05/19/2024
Flint Drug Courts Fuchsia05/19/2024
Flint Drug Courts Pink05/19/2024
Flint Drug Courts Blue05/19/2024
Flint Drug Courts Amber05/19/2024
Flint Drug Courts Navy05/19/2024
Flint Drug Courts Copper05/19/2024
Muskegon Black05/19/2024
Muskegon Yellow05/19/2024
Muskegon Pink05/19/2024

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Leave, sunday may 19th, the closer would have a location are emerald red. In yellow hours of testing or $630.00 to $9.00. 30 AM on color for the front. 60 some district court is scarlet. They're not always being called today for the functionality court call shouldn't for drug and especially quotes are green gray, fuchsia peak, who in the navy in copper hours of testing am to noon 1 o'clock or 3 o'clock PM, muskegon launch hours of testing are $7.00 to $10.00 the only colors are black, yellow, and pick again today is Sunday. The 19th the colors for what even location are emerald, red, yellow i want your testing are 630 to 9. 30 AM only calling for the phone to 67 district court is scarlet. They're not going to be called to the for from somebody court. Call sheila flint drug and specially quench our green gray, boucher peak to amber navy and copper also tester. 8 AM to noon 1 o'clock, a 3 o'clock PM for the muskegon coach hours of testing are 7 to 10 any and I'm all the colors are black yellow in pick.

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