Drug testing at Smith County Tyler TX

Previously, there were 3 drug testing colors required to test at Smith County. The colors were Ivory, Magenta and 1. There are a total of 68 probation test colors at Smith County. Below we calculated the colors history of each of these testing colors over the last 90 days.

3 test colors are required to test on 12/08/2023

We gathered this data on
12/8/2023, 1:04:14 AM
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Smith County latest test colors
Test GroupDate

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Our analysis colors, a number for Friday, december, 8th or ivory, magenta and one. If your, your analysis colors are ivory, magenta, and one, you must report to the, your analysis technician then submit your, your analysis on Friday, december 8th from 7 AM to 4 PM. If you need to report to our office for an your analysis, please do so before 4 o'clock. Thank you. No, no, there is no middle the utility, nothing to be admin. So to the cm, but it's on my main machine that you know, see the during the big machine that you know, the name for the technical than anybody name for the mentor to the exam. But in the mind. Yeah, that was the best thing myself enough, but I own and then I go on to the my yeah that's yeah thanks for calling. Goodbye.

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